Please ensure that following information is available with you before starting

1. Registration Number is case of NGO, Registered Society Trusts, companies, cooperative societies.
2. The Act/Registration through which you organization was Registered (in case of Statutory Bodies, PSUS, State PSUS).
3. Agency Name is the name of you organization. Please keep ready full name of your organization. System will not accept abbreviations.
4. City is the town/city where the organization is located.
5. Keep ready TIN/TAN/PAN (Any one of these three) ready before starting registration.
6. Unique Agency Code: Unique Agency code is the code given to your organization by you only in the Central Plan Scheme Monitoring System

(CPSMS). This Unique code is decided by the use of agency itself. The Unique code may be abbreviation of you agency name. Purpose is to give

a code to agency by the user of agency, so that he remembers it for further references easily. Please keep the unique code with you.
7. Please provide mobile number which may be used in Scheme to customized SMS for your information.
8. Please ensure that correct E-mail ID is available at the time of registration and same is filled in. The user ID and Password will be sent on your

E-mail ID.
9. Please keep ready the information related with the bank. The information required in the system in.
• Bank Name.

• Scheme Name (The Scheme under which funds will be received by you. Increase of any doubt please contact the concerned ministry from where

you are receiving funds).

• Branch Address.

• Bank A/C Number (Please ensure that you have complete Bank A/C number as per you passbook).

• Please try to follow the scheme guidelines, and where ever mentioned, please provide the scheme specific Bank A/C Number in this system.