Question 1:    Who will approve the Agency?

Answer:         The Principal Accounts Office of the concerned Ministry will approve the agency for incorporation into the database.

Question 2:    Who is the contact person in Agency Registration?

Answer:        Contact person could be the (i) Head of organisations or (ii) Officer-in-charge of Finance/Accounts responsible for the scheme implementation in the Agency.  

Question 3:    How can a bank branch be searched in Agency Registration?

Answer:         (i)                Select Bank name

                      (ii)                Go to Address bar, put the keyword like place or pin code in it (for example Khan Market, Delhi )

                      (iii)               Press Search button

                      (iv)              Go to Branch – drop down menu

                                  Bank branches will appear in drop down

                      (v)               Select the relevant branch.


Question 4:    Whose bank details are required while registering Agencies?


Answer:         Details of the Bank account of the concerned agency (not of individual) where funds under the Plan Schemes are received.


Question 5:    What is a hint question?


Answer:         You can put any question like creating an email id, my favourite food, etc. but remember the answer you type. The answer is supposed to remind you of the password.


Question 6:    Agency does not appear while generating sanction.

Answer:         This will happen when while mapping the user the agency details have not been selected / added. 

(i)               Go to user mapping again. Select the Contain option in agency name. Press search button and all the relevant agencies will appear, tick the relevant check box against the Agency name.

(ii)               Click on Add more button.

(iii)             Click “Save” button on top right.


Question 7:    Functional head of account not appearing in sanction generation.


Answer:         Ask your Pr. Accounts Office to map the scheme with the concerned Head of Account.


Question 8:    If user is transferred / changed then how does the detail of another user get updated?

Answer:         Go to change profile and click below the log out or change password on the left side of screen, then fill new user name, designation, e mail and phone number and submit.  Each new user and his / her profile would have to be approved by your Pr. Accounts Office.


Question 9:    Selection of type of Agency.

Answer:         Selection is based on the legal status of the Agency.  If agency is,

(i)                Registered with Registrar of Society → Registered Society. If sponsored by Government then it is of the Registered Societies (Autonomous Body, Government of India) type if not then it is Registered Society (NGO) Type.

(ii)               If Registered with Charity Commissioner then it is a “Trust”

(iii)             If Registered under Companies Act then it is Private Sector Company. Depending on the stake of Government (Central or State) it would be a Central Government PSU or State Government PSU.

(iv)              If agency is created by an Act of Parliament or State Legislative Assembly (SLA) then it is a statutory body.

(v)                If Registered outside Indian then it is an International Organisation.

(vi)              Individuals getting grant may register as Individual type.


Question 10:   What is Unique Agency Code?


Answer:          Unique Agency Code is a Unique code for the Agency to be given at the time of registration.


Question 11:   Who will decide about the Unique Agency Code?


Answer:         It is decided by the Agency itself at the time of registration. It can include number, characters & special characters etc. This can be a short form of the name of the Agency which can be easily remembered identified. E.g. AEPC can be the Unique Agency Code in the case of the agency "Apparel Export Promotion Council".


Question 12:   Is this Unique Agency Code is useful in future?


Answer:         This Unique Agency Code is to be quoted while corresponding with the project cell of the Central Plan Scheme Monitoring System for easy searching / identification of the Agency.