User Guide – Drawing and Disbursing Officer


1.1 User logging in as Drawing & Disbursing Officer (DDO) comes to the following screen:






1.2 On the “Drawing and Disbursing” button the following sub-menus are available (as shown above):


  1. Sanction Received
  2. Bill Generation
  3. Bill Settlement (for the CDDO)



1.3 Click on Sanction Received


1.3.1 All the Sanction ID created by the Program Division pending for action by the DDO will appear on the screen. 


1.3.2 Select the Sanctions by checking the appropriate boxes as shown in the screen shot on the next page. The system allows single or multiple selections of sanctions.




1.3.3 Once the sanctions have been selected click on “Received” button on top right corner and the message acknowledging successful receipt of sanctions will get displayed.


1.4 Click on Bill Generation from the sun-menu at 1.2


1.4.1 Click on search button on top right as shown in screen below-



1.4.2 The bills pending for generation of bill numbers will get listed as shown in the screen on the next page:


1.4.3 DDO will select the Sanctions for which bills have been prepared by him by checking the appropriate check boxes and click on “Generate Bill Number”.

The bill number for the selected Sanctions will appear in the last column. The DDO will record the bill numbers on the bills prepared manually.


1.4.4 DDO will also print the Sanction ID detail by clicking on the print button and attach the same to the bill before forwarding the same to the concerned PAO.


1.5 If the user is a CDDO type then he will settle (sub menu as at 1.2) the bill also the system. The bill settlement sub-menu is only for the CDDO. Clicking on it leads to the following screen:



The CDDO will fill the amount and instrument detail and save the record.


Note: Images above have been cropped for ease of presentation